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$300.00 for the first 25 skaters and then $5 for every skater thereafter.

You´re responsible for all foods, drinks, and party goods.

No Confetti or Silly String Allowed.

Parties are 2 hours long.

Parents and Grandparents of children in the party are always welcome to watch for free. If they choose to skate they count toward your total.

All kids, age 2 and up, count toward your total whether they skate or not. 

Please Note: Remind all parents that extra siblings must pay to enter.

Private Parties may arrive 
15 minutes early and must leave by the end of your reservation time.

A $25 Tardy Fee will be charged if the party does not leave on time.

We require a $100 deposit to book your Private Party. Your Deposit is non-refundable non-transferable.

We accept Cash, VISA or MasterCard and Debit Cards.


Planning a Group Event?

Need help or ideas for your next team party, business celebration or other special event? 
We specialize in large groups and would be happy to suggest ideas for yours. With our convenient location, great food and fun atmosphere everyone will have a great time here. 
Please take a minute to complete this short questionnaire. This helps us collect important information so we can get started. 
Our staff will follow-up with ideas and suggestions. 
Let's get this party started!


Lubbock, TX

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